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Parish News---Breanna Myers

Once upon a time, a little red haired girl came to church at St. Mark's. She would run through the aisles with delight in her eyes. She attended Sunday School and learned all about God's love. She joined the children's choir and sang her heart out. When she got tall enough to become an acolyte, she was always available, no matter what! She attended Mar-Lu Ridge camp and became a counselor there. She attended Youth Synod events and helped with Vacation Bible School when she was able. She was the youth representative on the church council. She went to the Barbara Ingram School for the Arts where she excelled in writing, even winning some awards. She has a voracious appetite for learning and eating, LOL .During the summer, she would walk to the church to see if she could help with something/anything! She went away to college but always returned to St. Mark's. She is now attending Seminary and will be the fourth female Pastor to come from our church. Who is she.....

Excerpt from Herald Mail Article...

Breanna Myers has attended St. Mark’s since birth. Her family attended even after moving to Berkeley Springs, W.Va., in 2005 when she was in second grade. Time in worship, while singing in the children’s choir and serving as an acolyte and go-to volunteer, contributed to her calling. “For me it was curiosity,” said Myers. She wondered what certain symbols in the church meant and had questions about the liturgy. Congregation members “saw and encouraged and fed my curiosity. They were passionate about helping others learn,” she said. Myers, 21, has been a camp counselor for three summers at Mar-Lu-Ridge Camp and Retreat Center in Jefferson, Md., and has been involved at the synod level. For five or six years she has participated in a summer weeklong course with seminary faculty members called Theological Education with Youth and Theological Education with Adults. “By the time this one was a teenager, she ate, drank and slept this place,” said Kathy Barr, who is choir and music director for traditional worship. Planting seeds of faith “I don’t think the congregation realizes fully how impactful they are on their lives and the lives they touch. Now there are called clergy that are an outgrowth of the ministry of St. Mark’s. We plant the seed and it flourishes in other places,” Steele said. Myers admits she’s “both terrified and excited” about what lies ahead for her at seminary and in ministry.