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Food Bank donations needed!

Food Bank in dire need!

The season of giving has passed but please keep in mind that there is a need year-around for assistance with food and other supplies in our community. This need has increased over the last six months, we are currently serving in excess of 800 people a month at our Food Bank. In addition to our Food Bank visitors, we provide 43 Micah's backpacks of food to students at Salem Avenue Elementary School each week. This has placed an incredible strain on our resources.

There are two important criteria that you should keep in mind when deciding what to donate: The items must be non-perishable and they should be as nutritious as possible. The foods need to be able to be stored until they’re needed, while also delivering as many nutrients as possible to the person who eats it, because it might be one of the only things that he or she eats that day.

Keep in mind that most canned goods are very high in sodium and most other inexpensive non-perishable foods are very low in nutrients. If you’re going to donate, make sure that it’s low in sugar and sodium and high in protein. Remember that whole-grain alternatives are always better than foods made with simple enriched flour. And, obviously, don’t donate food that’s expired.

The goal of food banks is to provide nutritious meals and healthy options to those in need. And don’t forget: Food banks do a lot more than just feed people, so toiletries like shampoo, toothpaste, toilet paper, diapers, feminine products, and deodorant are also in demand. We also need donations of cleaning supplies and paper products.

We are asking for donations every third Sunday of the month. The donations can be financial or supplies. If you could help with this important need, it would be most appreciated. Please note, if you wish to make financial donations online vist our Giving Page:

Please call the church office if you need to arrange for a drop-off time other than Sunday. Thank you!